Road transportation services

Local transportation in Lithuania, or maybe international shipment to Spain or distant Russia? Correct solution is found: "Transloga"!

Road transportation service review:

  • Export and Import services;
  • Full truck load transportation (FTL);
  • Limited truck load transportation (LTL);
  • Oversized cargo transportation;
  • Dangerous goods (ADR) transportation;
  • Temperature controled cargo transportation;
  • Cargo transportation in different directions: CIS countries, North, Western, South and Central Europe


Only one call is needed to company „Transloga“, to start Your cargo transportation. We will choose optimal transport and route, taking into account characteristics of your load, even to smallest details.  Because of that You can feel calm, that your goods will be delivered on time, safe, fast and all of it will be done at affordable price.

Bringing together professionals in their field "Transloga",allows us to offer our customers a full truck load (FTL) and limited truck load (LTL) throughout the Europe. We will help arrange transport for oversized or dangerous goods, both domestic and international routes. If Your business area requires frozen or temperature controlled cargo transportation, by contacting us You will not misstep, we will make the best deal, with impeccable service. Your inquiries are always welcome! 

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