Air freight services

There is only one answer for time sensitive cargo:"Transloga" air freight services,"from door, to door"!

Air freight services review:

  • Export and import services;
  • Optimal route selection, which meets client needs;
  • "Express" service for time sensitive cargo;
  • Air freight delivery "from door, to door";
  • "Special" (dangerous, high value and temperature controlled) shipment delivery;
  • Cargo tracking and tracing. 


Choosing company „Transloga“, for Your time sensitive cargo you will be satisfied. Thanks to our worldwide partner network, we are able to deliver Your cargo from/to any point in the world, “from door, to door”. It can be a metropolis in USA, exotic Seychelles island or of many China airports. We will provide professional solution at reasonable price and faster then others!


Transporting air shipments with our company Your cargo will arrive to final destination fast, safe and on time. This type of transport and our knowledge , let’s us you to guarantee this, because air transportation is barely affected by bad weather conditions, traffic jams and similar interferences. Professional staff   always will inform about Your cargo location and you will not have to worry where is Your load now. Sending goods was never so easy, as it is with “Transloga”! 

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